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Release Day Saga Update: Zephyr's Hope, the fourth and final book, will be out this spring!

Release Day (I)

Earth's surface is
no longer ours.

Humans thought they were safe underground where the invading Arthropods couldn’t reach them. After centuries of occupation, the antiquated subterranean cities have deteriorated and they have exhausted their supplies. Making matters worse, the hostile invaders have destroyed one of the ten remaining cities. Now Huck, Ariadne, and Hemant are in a race to destroy the Arthropod Hive before the “inverts” completely annihilate humanity. But before the candidates can begin, they must survive their corrupt government’s population control scheme—a highly-fatal, barbaric event known as RELEASE DAY.

To accomplish their mission, they must enlist the help of a group of dubious transporters to trek across the planet through numerous biomes, infinite swarms of Arthropods, and deranged surface-dwelling humans on their perilous mission to recover a war-ending device and carry it to the creatures’ hive.

Page Count: 397
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Adventure, Survival
Age Recommendation: 14+
First Publication: April 2022

Kano's Grasp (II)

Underground isn’t as
safe as we thought.

After a troublesome ocean crossing, Huck, Hemant, and Ariadne resume their perilous journey across the planet’s infested surface. The candidates' mission: Destroy the Hive, home of the invading aliens—the Arthropods. Upon reaching the Saharan Territory, they pressure the pompous leader of the local transporters to carry them across the sprawling terrain to Pod Kano, to obtain the weapon critical to the Hive’s destruction. As they travel, the “inverts” overtly target the convoy, increasing tensions and danger. When the candidates arrive at Kano, they find that Prime Minister Zabu viciously controls the city with an iron grip. With no intention of letting them leave, he forces them into servitude. On opposite sides of an igniting rebellion, they must keep the weapon out of the minister’s clutches and escape KANO’S GRASP.

The exciting adventure continues as the candidates meet new companions, battle unknown inverts, and encounter more demented surface-dwellers on their mission to annihilate the Arthropods before they wipe out humanity.

Page Count: 397
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Adventure, Survival
Age Recommendation: 14+
First Publication: October 2022

Arjun's Path (III)

When friend and foe blur, whom do you trust?

After a lengthy recovery from a brutal attack, Huck, Hemant, and Ariadne are offered what seems like a straightforward escort to Pod Bhopal. There, they hope to train with humanity’s most elite soldiers, the Clunkies, before continuing their mission to destroy the source of the Earth’s invaders—the Arthropod Hive. When their plan is thwarted, they must trek through the nearly impassible jungle as humans and “inverts” threaten every step. Questionable allies, waning group trust, and blossoming love further complicate their challenging journey. When Huck and his weary teammates finally reach their destination, little in the militaristic pod is as it appears. General Madan has his own ideas for their mission. Torn between two dire choices, ARJUN’S PATH may save humanity, but at a steep cost.

The Release Day Saga continues as Huck and his companions race across land and sea to reach and destroy the creatures’ Hive before humanity is wiped from Earth.

Page Count: 449
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Adventure, Survival
Age Recommendation: 14+
First Publication: June 2023

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Ryan Matthews

Ryan Matthews is a young adult author and ESOL teacher. His debut series, The Release Day Saga, is a young-adult dystopian sci-fi series. Release Day, Kano's Grasp, and Arjun's Path are available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book. The final book of the series, Zephyr's Hope, will be published in spring 2024.

Ryan also enjoys taking nature photos, studying foreign languages, and playing the French horn. He holds degrees in both graphic design and education. He lives in Tennessee with his wife, daughters, and the family pets.

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